Te Puke Primary Schools | Which One Is Right For Your Child?

St Andrews Preschool is a much-loved centre which the Te Puke community has taken to heart. The teachers are all locals and enjoy strong relationships with each child and their family.We care for children 3 – 5 yrs.

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At St Andrews Preschool in Te Puke, we enjoy well-developed relationships with the New Entrants teachers and classes in all of the Te Puke primary schools. It’s wonderful to know that when children leave St Andrews there are so many great local primary schools which will support their transition from preschool and give them a great start to their primary school experience.

Each school has it’s own unique strengths, so we have created this blog post to help parents to become familiar with Te Puke primary school options – both in town and in the country.

Anne Campbell | St Andrews Preschool Head Teacher

Fairhaven School

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Principal: Paul Hunt
New Entrants Teachers: Michelle Paterson, Vicki Hiini, Kim Wilkie, Mandy Miller, Sandra Hollinshead
School Roll: 400
Location: 120 Boucher Avenue, Te Puke
Website: www.fairhaven.school.nz

What makes Fairhaven a special place for children and their families? We recognise that each child is different.  We offer a variety of learning experiences and extra-curricula activities for children to be involved in.  We value families and encourage families to participate in our school community.  We have experienced teachers who are passionate about children, their learning and development.

What is unique about Fairhaven? Large school grounds, mature trees and plantings, lots of outdoor play activities for children.  Sports are encouraged and participation in cultural experiences are nurtured. We keep our new entrants classes to a maximum 1:15 ratio. This enables the teacher to focus on each individual and ensure your child gets the best start that they can.

What is the transition process for new entrants? We encourage all children to attend our ‘4’s at Fairhaven’ sessions on a Thursday afternoon. We encourage children to attend 10 sessions before starting school.  This enables the children to feel comfortable and safe at our school before they start.  It also gives the children and their families the opportunity to get to know the school and the staff before they begin.

How do parents arrange school visits? Collect a ‘Fairhaven School Transition to School’ brochure from your early childhood centre, phone us or pop into our school office.

Best Contact Person:  Vicki Hiini  co-ordinates all children’s transitions to Fairhaven School. Phone: 027 498 3866 or email:vicki@fairhaven.school.nz


Te Puke Primary School

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Principal: Shane Cunliffe
New Entrants Teachers: Naomi Jones, Catherine Humphries
School Roll: 330
Location: Cnr Cameron Road and Kowhai Ave, Te Puke
Website: www.tepukeprimary.school.nz

What makes Te Puke Primary School a special place for children and their families? Passionate teachers who value partnerships with home.

What is unique about your school or environment? Flexible Learning spaces, Multi-Age Co-Teaching, Collaborative Teaching Spaces, Digital Technologies, Explorer Model, Learner Agency, Professional Learning Communities (Hua Pai Maota), Achiever Values (Active, Responsible, Innovative, Confident)

What is your transition process for New Entrants? We have set up an Achiever Time, our Transition to School Programme, for 4 year olds which take place on Wednesday afternoons.  This is a great opportunity for children and parents to meet the teachers, principal,other parents and children.

How do parents arrange a school visit? Contact the school office on 07 573 7434.  Come to our Achiever Time, Transition to School Programme.  For more information visit our FaceBook page and/or our Website

Best Contact Person: Naomi Jones | 07 573 7434 | naomij@tepukeprimary.school.nz


Te Ranga School

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Principal: Brendan Wilson
New Entrants Teachers: Deirdre Harris, Janet Blauuw
School Roll: 120
Location: 1492 Te Matai Road, Te Puke
Website: www.teranga.school.nz

What makes Te Ranga School a special place for children and their families? The students and the families of our school community make our school a special place. Our students exhibit very high standards of behaviour and our results are outstanding. We have families who invest heavily in their students by encouraging academic progress and also by supporting any school activities, whether it be trips, camps or fundraising initiatives. Our school has a positive culture and feel. Although encouraging excellence in learning, we are also about developing good character. We deliberately promote attributes that produce great citizens.

What is unique about your school or environment?  Our size is still small enough that pupils are known and cared for, but large enough that we can cater to a variety of needs, skills and abilities. We are set out in the country and our students model many attributes associated with a rural ethos; they are honest, polite and considerate. There is a genuine sense of family at Te Ranga. Your child does not just enrol at a school, your family enters a community. Being a Y1-8 school, we have intermediate age students who exercise leadership by supporting our junior students. We have a house system where students gather in family groups to create, perform and compete in a variety of activities.

What is the transition process for new entrants?

In 2016 we will run transition classes on Wednesday afternoons. Prospective parents are able to bring students up to school or Mrs. Harris will bring the school van to the local ECE centres and pick students for transition classes (and then return them). This will take place from12:45 till 2pm. The children will participate in basic numeracy and literacy lessons, take home a book and familiarise themselves with the school and the community. The students will spend time on the play ground and if suitable partake in swimming lessons. Throughout the year, Mrs Harris will also bring back, new entrant students who attended St Andrews to meet up with potential enrolees to help aid the transition process

How do parents arrange a school visit? You can email Brendan Wilson at principal@teranga.school.nz or Deirdre Harris,  the New Entrant teacher at deirdre@teranga.school.nz. You can also call the school (07 5738032 | 0225738032) or leave an enquiry on the website www.teranga.school.nz.


Rangiuru School

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Principal: Tom Paekau
New Entrants Teacher: Karen May
School Roll: 61
Location: 659 Rangiuru Road, Te Puke
Website: www.rangiuruschool.co.nz

What makes Rangiuru a special place for children and their families?  We are best described as a school of choice. We offer the very best of 21st century learning tools while keeping our country traditions and family values as integral parts of school life. Our student/teacher ratio is low which creates extra learning opportunities and solid student progress. Lamb and Calf Day, along with the traditional flower and baking competitions, remain a feature of the school year.

What is unique about Rangiuru? We have a beautiful, peaceful, rural setting for our school while still being close to town. In addition to the usual playground equipment, we have a block of native bush affectionately called “The Shrubbery” where students are allowed to play more adventurously.

What is the transition process for new entrants? We offer two-three school visits prior to enrolment where your pre-schooler can become familiar with the class environment, teacher and other students. These can be spread over several weeks on days to suit you and your child.  These usually take place from 9:00am – 10:30am, with the option of joining in with morning interval play. We ask that the parent/caregiver remains at school during this time to actively support their child as needed.

How do parents arrange school visits?
  You can contact the school on 07 573 7035 or make an enquiry via our website – www.rangiuruschool.co.nz

Best Contact Person:  Tom Paekau | 07 573 7035


Paengaroa School


Principal: Bruce Lendrem
New Entrants Teacher: Currently advertising for a new one due to promotion.
School Roll: 210-240
Location: Old Coach Road, Paengaroa
Website: www.paengaroa.school.nz

What makes Paengaroa School a special place for children and their families? Paengaroa School is about learning, having some fun and working together. We value respecting individuals and their families and helping make a difference.

What is unique about Paengaroa school? We have a wonderful staff who are very friendly and supportive. Our excellent facilities include two swimming pools and two netball courts. We also enjoy a new community garden sponsored by Comvita, New Zealand.

What is the transition process for new entrants? An open door and plenty of visits, being inclusive and working together to ensure a great start for all our pupils.

How do parents arrange a school visit? Simply drop into the school office or phone up and arrange a visit.

Best Contact Person? Gaynor Pratt | Office Manager | 07 5331227.



St Andrews Preschool Graduation Featured Image

St Andrews Preschool is a much-loved centre which the Te Puke community has taken to heart. The teachers are all locals and enjoy strong relationships with each child and their family.We care for children aged 3 – 5 yrs.

When you visit St Andrews Preschool you’ll find happy children in a nurturing environment, enjoying genuine relationships with caring teachers who facilitate creative play and quality learning experiences.

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