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Today was a very special day for Linda.  Today was her graduation from St Andrews Preschool!

Linda and her family have been part of our centre community since Linda was three years old.   Now it is time for her to go to primary school.


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At St Andrews Preschool we celebrate this milestone with a special graduation celebration.

We celebrate the child’s birthday and graduation together at mat time. Parents, grandparents and friends are most warmly welcomed to join us.1

The teachers share some of the special things about the child and goes through the child’s portfolio, following their preschool journey.  We all look at the self-portrait on their very first day and notice how they have changed over their time at preschool.  They also compare their handprint now against the size of the one in their portfolio on their first day or preschool. 

Finally, the child is presented with their very own children’s bible which has a special messages written on the inside cover from each of the teachers.

  Linda 2

Linda, we have loved getting to know you.

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Some things that we love about you are your lovely smile and gentle nature. It has been lovely to see the friendships that you have made with Grace, Tanveer and how you also enjoy the company of your sister Filomina. We love the way you have included others in your play and how you have shared your ideas with your friends.


BELC Heart We’ve noticed that you enjoy playing in the family area. You love to play with the babies and pretend to be mums and you also love handbags. You also enjoy spending time at the art table either painting pictures, using many colours, or using the glue and glitter to make sparkly pictures. You enjoy being with your friends and you are seldom alone.


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Linda, you are very interested in imaginary play especially pretending to be mums with babies, swinging on the tyre swings, baking in the sandpit, creating artwork to take home, and creating with playdough. You also enjoy mat times and love to hear stories and songs and you like to dance.


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The character virtues we have seen you develop are friendliness, caring for others, responsibility for knowing the rules at preschool and helping others to know them as well, confidence in sharing your ideas with both teachers and the children, and responsibility towards looking after your younger sister at preschool.


BELC HeartLinda, this is our prayer for you as you transition to school: We pray that you will continue to have a love for learning that will bring you joy as you discover new things and ideas. We pray that you will make lasting friendships that will make you smile and that these friends will build you up into the person that Jesus wants you to be. We will miss you Linda.


May you continue to know the joy of exploring and being inquisitive. Never forget that you are special and precious.

Linda, it was our pleasure to celebrate YOU today!

We are sad to say goodbye to you, but we proudly send you off to your new adventure at school with our love, support and blessing ♡

Anne Campbell (Head Teacher) & the St Andrews Preschool Teaching Team


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