Celebrating Lillie | Amazing Place Preschool Graduation

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Today was a very special day for Lillie.  Today was her graduation from Amazing Place Preschool!



At Amazing Place Preschool we celebrate this milestone with a special graduation celebration.

We celebrate the child’s birthday and graduation together at mat time. The child gets to sit on a special decorated chair wearing a crown!

Sometimes the family of the child brings in a cake, sometimes, we make one in the morning together with the children. The child is presented with their birthday card and we all sing them happy birthday and cheer as they blow out their 5 candles.

The child’s key teacher then shares some of the special things about the child and shows some photos of their preschool journey from their profile book.  Finally, the child is presented with their profile book, artwork and their very own children’s bible which has a special message written inside. 



Lillie, we have loved getting to know you.

heart-smlLillie Some things that we love about you are your creativity and a great sense of humour. We love how confident you are in being yourself. We love your beautiful smile and your capability to make choices that simply depicts your personality in everything you do.


heart-smlWe’ve noticed that you enjoy riding bikes, caring for animals, going on treasure hunts and always seeking for knowledge by always asking questions. Lillie you are a creative little girl and able to express it in many different ways using different textured material. You are able to work at a project to completion, whether it is with blocks, paint, in the sandpit, or with artistic material.

heart-smlLillie, you are very interested in telling and writing stories about dinosaurs. It has being a privilege hearing your unique and creative stories at mat time. You enjoy reading books about reptiles and this has helped you understand more about the world of animals. Lillie you have great observation skills and ability to ask questions these are wonderful skills for learning.

heart-smlThe character virtues we have seen you develop are confidence, courage, assertiveness, kindness, love, perseverance, purposefulness, helpfulness and responsibility.


heart-smlLillie, this is our prayer for you as you transition to school: that you continue to show your confidence, excelling in all activities and being the unique amazing person God created you to be. We pray Gods’ blessing on you and your transition to school and hope you make some great new friends to enjoy on your new adventures at school.

Lillie, it was our pleasure to do all of this to celebrate YOU today!

We are sad to say goodbye to you, but send you off to your new adventure at school with our love, support and blessing ♡



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