The Balloon Lady A Big Hit for Children’s Birthday Parties

Are you looking for a fun children’s birthday party idea?

Dear Parents & Friends,

We would love you to meet ‘The Balloon Lady’, also known as Donna of BDazzled-NZ
Balloons. She is a creative and enthusiastic balloon artist and entertainer – and children love her!

With her magical mix of storytelling and balloon artistry she can provide memorable birthday party entertainment that your child will talk about for years to come.

Donna has performed at several of our BELC childcare centres and she was a big hit with young and old!  Our BELC manager, Lorraine Schou, also involved Donna at her four year old grand-daughters party last year.

Read on for a Q&A with Donna and Lorraine’s birthday party story below.


Donna, what happen at your balloon birthday parties?

Normally my parties last an hour. With my most popular birthday party package we play games, do a magic show with the birthday child as the star, and make small balloon creations for all the children to take home with them. Plus the birthday child gets a large creation at the end as their present. I make mostly princesses, pirates, fairies, unicorns and monkeys.

What do you love about what you do?

Seeing children and adult’s faces when they see what can be made out of balloons. It’s such a joy to do shows – the children are always so eager to get up and help. I enjoy the wonder on their faces at the magic of it all. I love entertaining and creating so this is a perfect job for me.


What do you do when you are not being ‘The Balloon Lady’?

My husband and I fit curtains and blinds for interior designers around Tauranga and Taupo. I have a seven year old daughter with my husband, three stepdaughters in their 20’s and two grandchildren.  We all get on great and we get to see them all the time as they all live here in Tauranga.


Where did you get the idea for BDazzledNZ Balloons?

I got the idea for BDazzledNZ Balloons from seeing a balloon twister and thinking I would like to give that a try. So I got on the internet and started practicing. One day I met someone who told me where to get good balloons. I started cold calling businesses and asking my friends to have me at their parties and the rest is history.

How much does a children’s party cost?

I have different party packages starting at $110. My most popular party is $140. There is often a $10 mileage charge as well.

How do parents book a party with you?

Contact me via my website, call me on 0272537008 or contact me via my Facebook Page.

How much advance booking do you need?

For weekend parties normally about a month and a half in advance – longer as it gets closer to Christmas. For weekdays about two weeks is sufficient.

How far do you travel?

I will travel most places in the Bay of Plenty.  Travel costs do apply.

What do you do apart from children’s parties?

I do a lot of events and shows around Tauranga, at events, pre schools, schools, holiday programmes, malls and supermarkets. These might involve BDazzled Magic shows, balloon workshops, or juggling workshops. I also do a lot of décor work, which involves making columns, arches and helium balloons for cafes, balls, birthdays, shows etc.


Keira’s Fabulous Fourth Birthday Party ~ By Lorraine (Bethlehem Early Learning Centres Manager)


We had Donna to my granddaughter Keira’s fourth birthday party in November. The party was held outside with a mix of adults and children.

All the children and adults were enthralled by the bubbly personality and constant banter from Donna.

All the children got a balloon toy and adults were lucky enough to receive one too. My son in his 20’s got to wear a crazy hat for most of the party.

It was great to see an entertainment geared for children involving all the adults as well. After Keira’s party I have attended others that Donna has been at. She always has fresh ideas and nothing becomes dated. I would not hesitate to book her again or recommend her.

We have also seen very successful large group Christmas parties for preschoolers at BELC centres where she comes prepared for the age group she is dealing with. Her story about the birth of baby Jesus done with balloons is magical!


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