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First Class Education and Care is a relational childcare centre in Bethlehem with an emphasis on creative/performing arts. Parents love our peaceful and nurturing toddlers unit. We care for children 6 mths – 5 yrs.


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Fun Rainy Day Activity Ideas

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 5.20.19 pmThere are so many fun outdoorsy things to do on a sunny day in and around Tauranga.  (See 15 Fun Things To Do In Tauranga With A Preschooler‘ if you need ideas!).

But don’t despair when the sun hides away and the rain comes out to play.  Rainy days with preschoolers don’t have to be either stressful or boring.

Here are some ideas from the team at First Class Education and Care for how to make the most of a rainy day at home with your preschooler!

Diana Bailey | Head Teacher

1. Head Outside!

A wise person once said, “There is no inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing.”  So, why not embark on a rainy adventure? Put on a jacket and head outside to ride bikes. Splashing in puddles with an umbrella is equally fun!


2. Set Up Tents Inside

There is something magical about setting up a little world within a world.  Sure, it will make a mess of the living room – but the memories your kids will make as they transform sheets, boxes and tables into imaginative forts and castles will make up for it!


3. Colour Your Day Bright

Rainy days are a great opportunity to get out the paints, clay, paper and colouring-in pencils.  Put a sheet on the floor or a cloth on the kitchen table and enjoy a creative morning or afternoon.


You could even join in yourself with an adult colouring in book!  They are all the rage now and you can impress your kids with your creativity.  They’ll love comparing colours with you and you can have all sorts of philosophical discussions over whether or not it’s important to ‘colour within the lines’!



4. Watch A Movie

On a sunny day you are always turning the TV off and sending the kids outside to play.  A rainy day is the day to embrace the magical world of children’s movies!   Bring out duvets, make popcorn, snuggle in and make an event of it.


5. Rainy Day Baking

Why not fill your home with the wonderful smells of home baking and your cake-tins with something delicious?   Little hands are always willing to help or to lick the spoon.   There are many healthy, refined-sugar free baking options to experiment with.  Beth, who blogs at Hungry Cub right here in Tauranga, has come up with a healthy twist on the Kiwi classic ‘Afghan’.  Her own little ‘hungry cub’ definitely likes to help. (As does Sebastian the cat!)


CLICK HERE for Hungry Cub Afghan Biscuits Recipe (Gluten, Grain, Egg & Dairy Free)


6. Acting Up

If the kids start acting up, why not channel that dramatic energy into a play? At First Class Education and Care we are very fond of acting out ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  Grab some simple costumes and give everyone a part to play.  Make it up as you go along.  The results can be very entertaining!


7. Go Rainbow Hunting

After the rain you are likely to spot some spectacular rainbows in the sky.  Talk to your preschooler about rainbows and get them to keep an eye out for them.  Perhaps the child who spots the rainbow first gets a prize!



8. Light The Fire

There is nothing better than lighting the fire on a cold and rainy day.  Collecting the wood, scrunching the newspaper, lighting the fire safely – these are all tasks your little one will enjoy.  Enjoy the coziness together as you sit and chat for a while or read a book together.




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First Class Education and Care is a relational childcare centre in Bethlehem with an emphasis on creative/performing arts. Parents love our peaceful and nurturing toddlers unit. We care for children aged 6 months – 5 years.

When you visit First Class Education and Care you’ll find happy children in a nurturing environment, enjoying genuine relationships with caring teachers who facilitate creative play and quality learning experiences.

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