Celebrating Sandy | First Class Graduation

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Today was a very special day for Sandy at First Class Education and Care.   Today was her graduation!

Sandy and her family have been part of our centre community since she was three years old.  Now it is time for her to go to primary school.

At First Class Education and Care we celebrate this milestone with a special graduation ceremony.

The child’s journey at our centre, their interests and virtues are shared at this time.  The other children are able to contribute to the celebration and a bible is presented to the child.


Sandy, we have loved getting to know you.

heart-smlSome things that we love about you are: the way you are kind and caring to our new children that come to the centre. When your friend Bella started here at First Class you helped her to get to know where everything is and what rules to follow. You enjoy doing art together. We also love how helpful you are and the way you finish a job once you start it. 

heart-smlWe’ve noticed that you enjoy doing artworks, painting, cutting and gluing. You also love to play in the sandpit with water and sand with your friends ‘baking cakes’! You love to play in the family area with your friends, role-playing family relationships.

heart-smlYou are very interested in looking at your world around you especially now that you have your new glasses. I am sure you enjoyed our recent trip to Marshalls Animal Farm and being able to talk to and pat the animals.

heart-smlThe character virtues we have seen you develop are: Determination, kindness, inclusion, creativity, taking responsibility and helping your teachers.


This is our prayer for you as you transition to school:

May you continue to grow and develop into the amazing young person God has made you to be. That your transition goes smoothly and you make some great new friends and God calms your nerves so you can really enjoy your first days at school.

Psalm 139:13- “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

Sandy, it’s our pleasure to send you off to your new adventure at school with our love, support and blessing ♡



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