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Today was a very special day for Kaylee at Bethlehem College Kindergarten.  Today was her graduation! Kaylee and her family have been a wonderful part of our centre community.   Now it is time for her to go to primary school.

At Bethlehem College Kindergarten we celebrate this milestone with a special graduation ceremony.

The child’s journey at kindy, their interests and virtues are shared at this time.  The other children are able to contribute to the celebration and a bible is presented to the child.

Kaylee, it’s our pleasure to send you off to your new adventure at school with our love, support and blessing ♡




Kaylee, we have loved getting to know you.

heart-smlKaylee, some things that we love about you are your outgoing personality and fun filled nature. You are trustworthy, joy filled, reliable, and very loyal to your family, friends, kindy, and ideals. Whilst you have been here you have engaged in all aspects of kindy life and enjoy interacting within all areas of the kindy and the activities we set up during the day.

heart-smlWe’ve noticed that you enjoy spending time with your friends in imaginary play being a Mummy one minute and a gold medal winning Olympic gymnast the next. You have spent a lot of time up at the upper playground and have learnt how to ride the princess bike really fast while dodging the traffic.

heart-smlKaylee, you are very interested in how far you can test your body and you are often seen challenging your muscles and beautiful brain to see what you can do and further test yourself to think of different things you will be able to do when you “grow to be a big girl.” You have asked a lot of questions and displayed an inquiring mind which is great to see as this will help you when you are a “big school girl” at Bethlehem College.

heart-smlThe character virtues we have seen you develop are caring, confidence, cooperation, creativity, friendliness, helpfulness, honesty, kindness, patience, respect, thankfulness, understanding.

heart-smlOur prayer for you is that that you is that you remember to always believe in yourself as you were created for great things, and whatever you do work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord.   I pray you make long lasting and special friendships and accomplish many great things as you develop your unique and God given potential. Kaylee may you know and grow in God’s wisdom and love.




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