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Today was a very special day for Jessica at Bethlehem College Kindergarten.  Today was her graduation! Jessica and her family have been a wonderful part of our centre community.   Now it is time for her to go to primary school.

At Bethlehem College Kindergarten we celebrate this milestone with a special graduation ceremony.

The child’s journey at kindy, their interests and virtues are shared at this time.  The other children are able to contribute to the celebration and a bible is presented to the child.

Jessica, it’s our pleasure to send you off to your new adventure at school with our love, support and blessing ♡




Jessica, we have loved getting to know you.

heart-smlJessica, some things that we love about you are your friendliness, your creativity and beautiful artwork. We love how you get involved in projects and are always busy.  You are very kind and have lots of friends and people who love having you around. 


heart-smlWe’ve noticed that you enjoy baking, baking and more baking and decorating the baking! Also your artwork and dramatic play.  We have also noticed your increasing interest in writing words and practicing doing your letters. You have also made great progress on the bikes and now race around the track with confidence.

heart-smlJessica, you are very interested in lots of detail in your art work especially when you are drawing pictures about your home. You like to take your time to do a great job of your art and we have enjoyed seeing the progress you have made. 


heart-smlThe character virtues we have seen you develop are caring for others, compassion, courtesy, excellence, friendliness, generosity, honesty, integrity, kindness, gentleness, loyalty and patience.  


heart-smlOur prayer for you is that you continue to grow and development into the amazing young person God has made you to be. That your transition goes smoothly and you make some great new friends and God calms your nerves so you can really enjoy your first days at school.




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