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Today was a very special day for George at Bethlehem College Kindergarten.  Today was his graduation! George and his family have been a wonderful part of our centre community.   Now it is time for him to go to primary school.

At Bethlehem College Kindergarten we celebrate this milestone with a special graduation ceremony.

The child’s journey at kindy, their interests and virtues are shared at this time.  The other children are able to contribute to the celebration and a bible is presented to the child.

George, it’s our pleasure to send you off to your new adventure at school with our love, support and blessing ♡

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George, we have loved getting to know you.

heart-smlGeorge, some things that we love about you are your enquiring mind and questions that encourage all of us to investigate and carry out research to find answers.


heart-smlWe’ve noticed that you enjoy creating machines that are life savers, especially with our mobilo equipment. You love to fix things that are broken and to take things apart especially if you can make another machine with the parts. Being part of a team where rescuing people is your focus keeps you busy and encourages you to be creative and expressive.


heart-smlGeorge, you are very interested in how things work .You love to create machines and props that save people and capture people who do wrong things. You love to learn about the world around you and have discussions about electricity, how machines move, being a firefighter and many other fascinating aspects of our amazing world. You enjoy busy work with your friends in the sandpit or at the bike track and you enjoy working on puzzles, building with blocks and occasionally painting a picture inspired by an idea you have thought of.   heart-sml

The character virtues we have seen you develop are helpfulness, sharing, tolerance ,patience, confidence, creativity, wonder, determination and friendliness. 


heart-smlOur prayer for you is that you will settle into school and make long lasting and special friendships as you continue your learning journey. We pray you will continue growing into the very special person God has created you to be. May God bless you and may you grow in His wisdom and love. Young man keep your way pure by keeping it according to God’s wisdom Psalm 109:1




At Bethlehem College Kindergarten you’ll find happy children in a nurturing environment, enjoying genuine relationships with caring teachers who facilitate creative play and quality learning experiences.


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