Miss Whittekers Frozen Farewell!

We don’t do things by halves here at Bethlehem College Kindergarten!

When our much-loved and travel-bound teacher Miss Whitteker requested a ‘Frozen’ theme for her farewell celebration we decided to do it in style!

The children had such an amazing day.  Here are some of the highlights.

Frozen Bouncy Castle

The Frozen themed bouncy castle was a big hit – the children loved it. You couldn’t wipe the smile of their faces or get the bounce out of their step.


Ice, Ice, Baby!

The delivery of REAL ice transformed our grassy slope into a winter wonderland.  You can imagine the fun the children had sledding down!  We experimented with putting coloured dye onto the ice and watching it change colour.  We have been learning about the science of the water cycle lately.


Meet Olaf

Mr. Mike helped us to make a snowman! Don’t you like his lovely red scarf?  Endless fun and fascination ensued.


Frozen Dress Ups

The children had such fun dressing up as Frozen characters.  Lots of Elsa’s made an appearance and a few Olaf the Snowmans.

A big thank-you to our clever mum’s who helped us look the part and have fun throughout the day.

❄  Keira’s mum did the most amazing special plaiting of the girls hair.
❄  Frankie’s mum did wonderful face painting on the children.
❄  Sophia’s mum helped the children with their Frozen flavoured drawings.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 6.22.00 pm


Miss Whitteker’s Last Mat-Time

At mat-time, Sarah dressed up as as Elsa and danced to Frozen.   The children were absolutely mesmermised.  We talked about the things that make Miss Whitteker special and then the children had a chance to do a parade to show what they were wearing.  It was lovely to see our big kids so confident.


Shared Lunch

We enjoyed sharing a lovely lunch together with teachers, children and parents.  Can you see our frozen floral table decoration?

Farewell Message From Mrs Van Niekerk

Sarah has been a much loved colleague, teacher and friend to us all. Her commitment and love for the job has been inspirational.

It’s wonderful to have been part of her journey here at Bethlehem College Kindergarten and witness her development over the past three years; from an inexperienced teacher to the accomplished teacher she is today.

I know that you all have appreciated her colourful friendly smile in the morning as you arrived and the love and care she showed towards your children.

The Frozen Winterland day was a lovely way to celebrate the time Sarah spent at Kindy and to wish her all the best as she continues her career overseas.

Clare Van Niekerk at Bethlehem College Kindergarten


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