Did you know there is a Kindergarten on the Bethlehem College campus?

For those in the know, Bethlehem College Kindergarten is a much-loved and highly regarded centre, which has been caring for children and their families for nearly 30 years.

But if you are new to town, you’d be forgiven for not even knowing we exist!

This is because we are surrounded by the mature, green leafy trees on the Bethlehem College campus, and tucked cozily out of view between the chapel and the primary school.

At Bethlehem College Kindergarten you’ll find happy children in a nurturing environment, enjoying genuine relationships with caring teachers who facilitate creative play and quality learning experiences.


It’s only fair to mention the down-side of our location – the traffic on Cambridge Road can get pretty busy around school drop-off and pick up times.

It’s a drag. We get it.

But, there are SO many benefits for your child having the Bethlehem College campus literally on our door-steps. Here are nine of them:

1. Room to Run and Play

Families love our well designed kindergarten surrounded by mature trees and flower gardens. The adventure slide, climbing wall and bike circuit are very popular with the children and our spacious and enclosed outdoor area means there is lots of room to safely run and play.

2. Bethlehem College Library

Excellent reading habits begin in the early years! Once a week, children are taken for a walk through Bethlehem College to the campus library, on the way becoming familiar with the campus and seeing familiar faces. Inside the library, children are able to find books about many of their interests, and can choose one to take home for the week and return on the next visit. Teachers read stories and engage in dialogue about the broad range of topics our children have interest in.

3. Bethlehem College Swimming Pool

Our children LOVE being able to go and have a swim in the Bethlehem College swimming pool on a hot summers day. Apart from the sheer fun and joy of swimming, we think it is so important for young children living in the Bay of Plenty to become water smart.

4. A Beautiful Environment

There’s no two ways around it, environments are formative. The well-designed, well-maintained facilities and beautiful, mature trees on campus all create an inviting atmosphere for learning and play.

5. Campus Conservation Nature Walk

We have a conservation nature walk and pond, right in our backyard.  The children love going out on nature adventure, collecting treasures as they go. When you take busy children on a nature walk you can physically see changes in them as they spend time outside. There’s a peace that comes over them. They always come back calmer and in a more positive head space.

6. Participation in School Events

We are fortunate to be included in some wider school events and experiences. Each year the primary school do an art exhibit using vegetables which we take the children to see. It’s a big hit!  When performing groups come through the school, they often treat the kindergarten kids to a special visit.

7. Huge Sports Field

The sports field is just metres from our centre.  This wide open space is a wonderful environment for many fun outside activities including cross country, flying a kite, riding bikes, doing athletics and having fun under the sprinklers!

8. Strong Connections with Local Primary Schools

You don’t have to be on a pathway to Bethlehem College in order to send your child to Bethlehem College Kindergarten. We effectively prepare our older children to attend any local primary school. Local schools that our children commonly transition to are Tauriko Primary, Bethlehem Primary and  Omokoroa.

9. Transition Pathway to Bethlehem College 

For those children who are going to go on to Bethlehem College, coming to Bethlehem College Kindergarten can be the beginning of the journey. We have a well-established and supportive transition process which includes visits to Bethlehem College Primary.

On Friday afternoons children who have recently moved from Bethlehem College Kindergarten to the Bethlehem College New Entrants class come back and visit us. The children get to see their friends in uniform and to continue their relationship with them when it’s their time to move on to ‘big kids’ school. The familiarity of faces of friends and teachers contributes to a smoother transition. Recent kindergarten graduates check in with our teachers and say hi for the first few weeks after moving to primary, but after that they tend to be nicely caught up in their new adventure!

Please note that children who attend Bethlehem College Kindergarten are not guaranteed at place at Bethlehem College and have to go through the standard enrolment application process.

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I look forward to meeting you and your child! ~ Clare van Niekerk | Head Teacher



At Bethlehem College Kindergarten you’ll find happy children in a nurturing environment, enjoying genuine relationships with caring teachers who facilitate creative play and quality learning experiences.

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