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Today was a very special day for Ariella at Bethlehem College Kindergarten.   Today was her graduation!

Ariella and her family have been a very special part of our centre community . Now it is time for her to go to primary school.

At Bethlehem College Kindergarten we celebrate this milestone with a special graduation ceremony.

The child’s journey at kindy, their interests and virtues are shared at this time.  The other children are able to contribute to the celebration and a bible is presented to the child.

Ariella it’s our pleasure to send you off to your new adventure at school with our love, support and blessing ♡



Ariella, we have loved getting to know you.

heart-smlAriella, some things that we love about you are: Harikoa (your innate joyfulness) inner peace and happiness as you get the most out of each and every day, steadfast and persistently overcoming challenges you set for yourself and embracing the gifts each new learning experience brings. You display such joy and Utonutanga (perseverance) with your ‘give everything a go at least once’ attitude Ariella, which gives you wings to soar and explore confidently throughout our entire learning environment.

heart-smlWe’ve noticed that you enjoy art, water (swimming, slides, and sandpit…) dramatic play, using natural resources (play, weaving, recycling, sewing, art…) Forming many loving and loyal relationships as you show your love for others in a smile, a kind word, a thoughtful act, including others in your play and offering to serve others appreciating that Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai (many hands make light work, unity is strength.)

heart-smlAriella, you are very interested in making sense of the world around you and maintaining fun loving robust relationships, as you practice being and becoming a big school girl. You love your family and whanau dearly and love to share any events or interesting happenings in your household; particularly about your big ‘school boy’ brother.  You love to express yourself creatively through dramatic activities, art, making gifts for others, moving our equipment to build supermarkets, doctor’s surgeries, castles…

heart-smlThe character virtues we have seen you develop are Empathy/Inclusion (Whanaungatanga), Confidence (Maia), Respectfulness (Whaka-ute), Responsibility (Kawe-nga). Everyone knows (and is blessed by the fact) Ariella has a servant heart for others, which she practices daily within all areas of her play understanding and appreciating the principal, He aroha whakatō, he aroha puta mai, (if kindness is sown then kindness you shall receive).

heart-smlAriella, our prayer for you is that you settle quickly into your classroom and continue learning about our fascinating world that God has blessed us with. We pray you continue to make lasting and special friendships at school and accomplish many great things as you continue to develop to your unique and God-given potential.  Kia tau ki a tātou katoa. Te atawhai o tō tātou Ariki, a Ihu Karaiti. Me te aroha o te Atua.  Me te whiwhingatahitanga. Ki te wairua tapu. Ake, ake, ake. Amine

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all Forever and ever, Amen



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