Bethlehem College Kindergarten Children Selling Their Art For Cyclone Pam Rebuild

A Big Storm Hit Vanuatu |  How Can We Help?

Earlier this year at news time some of the children shared with us they had heard about a big storm. As we looked at pictures and videos of how strong and destructive Cyclone Pam was, we had a tender time of child-led prayer and brainstorming of what we could do.

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The children had wonderful suggestions – giving clothes, blankets, food, building new houses and even getting tents for these people. We collected clothing, blankets, towels to send over.

Although the Cyclone Pam rebuilding story is not on our TV screens anymore, there is a real and ongoing need to support the people of Vanuatu. Here at Bethlehem College Kindergarten, we want to help!

Our plan now is to raise money for for the Marine Reach Vanuatu Appeal.  The team on the Pacific Hope (Marine Reach’s ship) will be involved in some rebuilding work on the islands as part of their four month medical services tour currently underway.

Children Selling Their Artworks to Raise Money


Over the last term our children have created an art gallery to raise funds.
At just $2 per artwork, we think think you won’t find better value anywhere in town!

The children would love to sell their beautiful artwork to parents, grandparents and friends.  All proceeds from the sale of the artworks will go directly to the work of Marine Reach.

Of course you don’t have to be limited to $2 for this worthy cause.  One generous parent bought an artwork for $80!  This will put a big smile on the faces of the people in Vanuatu as well as on the face of their child 🙂



Last week we had Amy and Ayla from Marine Reach come and share with the children and some parents about what they do. We looked at the maps, saw pictures of the ship, and heard about the doctors, nurses, builders, teachers and helpers that use their skills to help.


Time Is Running Out!3

Our deadline for donating money to Marine Reach is next Monday the 27th July. The medical, dental and building assistance they provide as well as the running of a ship is all very practical. All those who serve on the ship and with Marine Reach are volunteers so all donations go directly to the work they do.

What Next?

Come in and view the art gallery on the wall at Bethlehem College Kindergarten and select a piece to purchase for your home.  You will make the children very happy!



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